Innovative and Viable Blockchain Ecosystem for Global Digital Content

GDC is an innovative and viable Blockchain ecosystem with interactive streaming platform, NFT marketplace, De-Fi and crypto wallet dedicated for global entertainment contents such as Game, Sports & eSports, and OTT streaming.
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Global Digital Content Token
GDC seeks to expand its use in games, digital commerce, entertainment, media content, finance and sports / esports.
We will enter each category / market by evaluating marketability, resources, and entry barriers.
Media Content
The global digital content and entertainment market continue to grow along with the online and Asian markets. By 2021, the global media & entertainment market is expected to grow at USD 2.2trn with an average annual growth rate of 4.4%.
Digital Content
The market and growth potential of games, mobile top-ups and digital gift cards that are easily accessible and consumed in the digital world by millennials is exploding. The game market has $ 137.9Bn in 2018 and 2.4 billion gamers, mobile top-up is USD 265bn in 2018, and gift cards are USD 585bn in 2016.
Decentralized Finance
Not only global corps including Facebook and JP Morgan, but also large exchanges such as Binance and central banks in major countries consider issuing stable coins. Currently, the problem is that only a few use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives and the majority are used for investment / speculation. Once solved with DeFi, enormous growth and mass adoption is highly expected.
Game & eSports
The game market continue to grow, and the fantasy sports market is also worth USD 30bn. As a result, the esports market keeps enlarging through a combination of professional leagues, games and new media.


Use Cases

We will increase accessibility, usability, and scalability based on the actual use case.

KEEN (Digital Commerce)
Digital Commerce is partnering with KEEN WALLET of KEENTO INC. To provide related marketplaces, escrow / exchange services, and to sell game money cards, mobile top-ups and gift cards in Southeast Asia and Europe.
Media Content (ArenaCast)
Streaming service ArenaCast broadcast e-sports and sports games, as well as its own games. Various streamers are invited to participate through Gamification to maximize fun and scalability in eSport and New Media.
Game (Rankingball)
RankingBall is a play-by-play strategy prediction game in North America and Europe. Rankingball quantifies the numerous real-time events that happen in a sports/eSports game and reflects them in a scoring system. Its interface is modeled after bingo, one of the most popular games around the world.
DeFi (GST)
GST is a stable coin based on collateralized GDC/ETH and Multi Collateralized Debt Position that secures multiple cryptocurrencies including GDC and ETH. The distributed ledger will provide new decentralized finance and stable coins.
Together with Celebeco, it provides a trading platform for tokens for global celebrities' popularity and brand value. Tokenization of popularity creates new content value and delivers a means for new communication between fans and celebs.


A Web3.0 economic ecosystem where investors become users.
The ArenaCast financial commerce (STO) platform will lead the way.
With a vision of "blurring the lines between ownership and use!", ArenaCast aims to build an innovative financial commerce platform that utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize all assets in the real economy and trade them in the global market. As a company that continues to grow based on transparency, reliability, and innovation, ArenaCast aims to lead the global market by building the first Web3.0 financial commerce platform in Korea.
GDC gradually expands its business through direct development and partnership.


    24 H1

  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘ESPN’
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘NETFLIX’, and other big ‘OTT’ on NA

    23 H2

  • Pick & Go ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching with ‘VALORANT’
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘NFL’
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘NBA’
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘PGA’
  • De-Fi Service Platform Launching

    23 H1

  • Create a metaverse space in ‘Zepeto’ of ‘NEVER Z’
  • Provides ‘W2E’ services to ‘Cube’ platform of NETMARBLE
  • Partnership with Humanbank ‘'Fan DAO' platform
  • NFT Platform ‘Metadoors’ officially launched
  • Partnership with ‘One Football’, a biggest soccer community on Europe
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for Europe Soccer 5 Leagues
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘baseball’
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘Twitch’
  • ACTV ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘TVING, ‘Kakao TV’, ‘Coupang Play‘, and other OTT

    22 H2

  • Partnership with ‘Perugia Corporation’ for Ecosystem expansion
  • Partnership with ‘itemVerse’ for Ecosystem expansion
  • Chrome Extension 'W2E' service 'ACTV' Beta launch
  • Pick & Go ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching with ‘League of Legend’
  • Pick & Go ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching with ‘PUBG’
  • ArenaCast TV (ACTV) ‘Watch-To-Earn’ Service Launching for ‘WorldCup Soccer’
  • Korea and Global Exchange Asset Listing

    22 H1

  • Partnership with ‘NEW’ for interactive metaverse platform development and cooperation
  • Partnership with ‘NETMARBLE CUBE’ for game platform link to Arenacast’s
  • Partnership with ‘NEVER Z’ for interactive metaverse platform development and cooperation
  • Partnership with ‘Olim Planet’ for interactive metaverse platform development and cooperation
  • Partnership with ‘Engine Visual Wave’ for Metaverse VFX technology to IPs contents
  • Build a interactive metaverse movie theater and NFT market with ‘The Witch : Part 2’

    21 H2

  • Partnership with Chorokbam media for contents IPs development
  • NFT Marketplace Closed-Beta Launch
  • Partnership with Henesis by Hatch Labs
  • RankingBall ‘Play-To-Earn’ Beta Service Launch
  • Pick & Go launched for League of Legend World Championship
  • NFT Marketplace Launch
  • Global Crypto Exchange Asset Listing
  • Extend partnerships with Digital Item Commerce service

    21 H1

  • Partnership with NEW(Next Entertainment World) for contents IPs development
  • Launched Pick&Go for League of Legend/Battle Ground

    20 H2

  • ArenaCast service platform Official Launch
  • Partnership with Celebeco
  • Partnerships with Twitch for eSports/Sports interactive streaming service
  • GST stable coin platform beta
  • Partnership with KT for Cloud Game Service
  • Upgrade ArenaCast Streaming Service
  • Extend partnerships with Digital Commerce

    20 H1

  • Applied GDC on KEEN Wallet
  • Interactive Streaming Service “ArenaCast Beta” Launch
  • Listed on Bithumb Global
  • Applied GDC on various games and gaming platforms
  • Upgrade Rankingball Platform with Streaming Service


  • App services on Google Play & App Store Launch
  • Listed on and CMC
  • Listed GDC on KyberNetwork
  • GAME: RANKINGBALL NFL, NHL, NBA New Game Modes Launch


  • Started GDC project and Established the foundation.
  • Issued GDC and successfully completed private sales.
  • Rankingball MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, LOL, CSGO, Europe Soccer Leagues Launch


Token Metrics
Total Supply is 2x of RBG. At the multiple of 2X, GDC will be distributed to RBG Holders.
Add the new token symbol, contract address and decimal place in your ERC-20 wallet.
Available at
Token Name
Global Digital Content
Token Symbol
Contract Address
Total Supply
Token Price
Accepted Currency
Advisors & Early Investors: 6 months Team: 2 years

Token Allocation

Presale & Crowdsale for ICO
Marketing reserve
Founding team
and dev team
Business partnership

Use of ETH Proceeds

Ads on
sports/esports media
New business
platform expansion
sports/esports tournament
platform upgrade
External partner
platform development
Best team of media, gift card, fintech, blockchain, content, entertainment
gears up for the business and tech enhancement and expansion


  • Jun Lee
  • Marketing Director
  • Mike Cho
  • eSports Div Director
  • Kazel Yoon
  • Head of development
  • Bryan Kim
  • Back-end developer
  • Andy Yeom
  • Head of Design

  • Kurt Jeon
  • Blockchain Technology Expert / Leader of Frontend Dev
  • Jin Chung
  • Blockchain Technology Expert
  • lucy Cho
  • Leader of Game Design
  • Jerry Yeom
  • Backend Developer
  • Clark Lee
  • Mobile Developer
  • Camden Bernhardt
  • Digital Marketing

Advisory panel

  • Ken Hershman
  • EAdvisory for Sports/eSports Streaming & Gaming
  • Kris Ghil
  • Advisory for Finance and
    Blockchain Economy

Partners & Investors